COVID-19 Precautions to Prevent the Spread of the Virus

In an effort to minimize risk to our staff and customers, we are taking steps to minimize contact between staff and customers. We realize the landfill is an essential service for the region and are trying to ensure we can continue to run the site with healthy staff.

For residential customers, please bring a credit card, or debit card that allows the tap function. We will not be passing the debit machine out to customers to handle and pass back, but will only be accepting tap payment from customers. We also have intercoms now to help with communication, without opening the windows.

For commercial customers, we will not be passing paperwork, such as scale tickets and manifests to drivers at this time. We will also not be passing out suckers and dog treats during the current situation. Customers can request load summaries, if needed, by contacting the landfill office at 403-938-5224.

We will also be requiring small commercial customers, who typically pay with a credit card, to set up draw down accounts, submit pre-authorized credit card forms electronically, or set up a long-term account for payment. Contact 403-938-5224 to set up an account, or get the forms for pre-authorizing credit cards.

The Salvage Centre is currently closed to the public, so, please stop bringing donations at this time. We appreciate your cooperation in helping maintain our public health.